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End of Term 4

Plenty of photos to follow, but first please take the time to read some of our pupil contributions to this mammoth end of term Blog…

We have been using different writing activities to record some of their thoughts and reflections about all the fantastic events that have been going on in school this term.

Here are some excerpts:

Newspaper Reports

‘Year 3 Travel Back in Time To Meet Mary Anning by Isla H

On Wednesday, 14th March 2018, Year 3 from Welton Primary walked a to Midsomer Norton Library to watch a show about fossils.

‘As One’ theatre company put on a fabulous, informative and fun performance. The children enjoyed learning about Mary Anning’s life. This performance was funny but you learn at the same time.’ (Isla H)

‘The play was about an historical figure named Mary Anning who was the person that discovered fossils. At one point, we got to handle the artefacts…'(Anouk H)

 ‘…Mary Anning was a very poor girl and when she was older, Joe (her brother) found a big head of an Ignosaurus. Then, Mary searched around and found the rest of the body. This is what first got her interested in fossils.’  (Charlie O’D)

‘The actors were really in character and the children got to feel the fossils. Apparently, Mary got struck by lightning as a baby but she survived.’ (Phoebe M)

‘…The actor who was playing Joseph said that the fossils were like ‘devil’s toes’. The children really liked that bit.  Pupil Daisy Pitchell said, ‘The show was hilarious.’  (Daisy P)

We were allowed to hold the artefacts. Here’s a list of artefacts: fish dung, ammonite and other fossils . Year 3 loved the play so much they wanted to see it again.’ (Max C)

After the show there were questions and if you got a question right, you got a prize. Luckily, there were enough crayons for everyone (Year 3 were delighted).   (Harry S)


On Wednesday, 21st March, the whole of Welton Primary School did a climb to raise money for the PTFA. We climbed up a climbing wall which was in the car park. Our school climbed higher than the height of Snowdon!  (Jayden Sobey)

‘It looked scary at first, but if you didn’t look down, it felt like you were close to the ground.’ (Millie Burchill)

‘I got half way up. It felt a little bit scary but I’m glad that I did it.’ (Abi M)

‘I got all the way to the top. I felt like a hero when I reached the buzzer.’ (Harry S)

Five children managed to get to the top of the climbing wall. I think they did really well’ (Kieran)


Invention Convention

Thanks for supporting the Kingfishers with the Invention Convention challenge. There were some wonderful models and diagrams.

First place in the class challenge went to the Silk sibling effort, a perspex bed time story book holder. Second place in the family challenge went to the Kiernan family with their super heater cooler device.




Please continue to read, spell and do Times Tables Rock Stars and other times table learning activities.


During the Easter holidays, we would like the children to write something of their choice. It could be a story, a letter to a real or fictional character, a book or a film review, a poem. Whatever they feel inspired to write. We look forward to reading their work.


Please finish Section 3

Happy Easter to you all. See you next term.

From Mrs Field and Mrs Jenkins



Careers Day

We have had a fab time today meeting a range of people who work in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

One such STEM ambassador was Chris Martin. The children loved hearing about how he got started by working for a company ‘just down the road’ from where he lived. He didn’t know what he wanted to be, but he knew that he loved science and that they would give him a job. After spending five years studying the sky, he realised that he now had the knowledge and the skills to move into a different area, combining science and technology. So he started developing computers for cars, ultimately helping them to become more fuel efficient and therefore make a big contribution to the health of the planet. He now works as a software developer for an air safety company where his products help to keep passengers safe in the air, and our skies crash free.

Our visitors showed the children some fantastic videos and images to bring their jobs to life. For example, Mr Heywood taught the children about how he designs bridges working with other  engineers from all over the world. He also explained how biologists, archaeologists and ecologists have an important role in the company that he works for. The children enjoyed seeing the safety equipment he uses on site and hearing about how triangles make the strongest bridge designs. The children answered questions about Brunel and asked some really interesting questions about materials and bridge design.

It was a fascinating morning for adults and children alike and we are looking forward to exploring more careers in STEM over the next two weeks.


Reading, Spellings and SPAG book – Section 2, Clauses (pages have been highlighted)

Maths –

TT Rockstars/Telling the Time

Fractions of shape (cutting pizzas/chocolate bars etc) and number E.g. to find a half, divide by 2 etc

Have a good week end,

S. Field and C. Jenkins



Spellings for the next few months!

Thought I’d upload the spellings to learn for the next few months – with dates indicated – to make things easier!

Miss Jenkins







antifreeze superman subway
antisocial superhero subzero
antiseptic supersonic subtitle
anti-climax supermodel submarine
anticlockwise superglue subheading
antibiotic superstar subsoil
February group heart
forward guard height
fruit guide history
grammar heard imagine

Post Snow!

We hope that you have had a lovely time enjoying the snow days in and around Welton and Midsomer Norton. We are sure that the children will remember these days for years to come.

We also hope that the Prior Park Science Workshop (photos below) has made an equally lasting impression.



Here is a reminder of our whole school homework challenge for this term: The Invention Convention (link below). If you have an idea but aren’t able to make a model, then a diagram or illustration will also be fine. Maybe even a photo or video, if you can’t transport your ideas into school.


Spellings and reading as usual.

The spellings for the next fortnight are:

antifreeze, antisocial, antiseptic, anticlimax, anticlockwise, antibiotic,

February, forward, fruit, grammar

Please continue to encourage your child to learn their times tables (including using Times Table Rockstars). In addition, continue to ask your child to read the time to you at different times using both digital and analogue. Can they convert one to the other?

Book Day will go ahead on Monday (tomorrow). We are looking forward to welcoming the children back to school and to hearing all about their adventures in the snow.

Best wishes,

S. Field and C. Jenkins



Term 4

Term 4 has begun with a wonderful week of learning and STEM topic related activities.  Keep an eye on the Twitter feed and this Blog over the coming days and weeks for updates and photos.

In English, we have been reading Ted Hughes’ ‘The Iron Man’. The pupils used drama and role-play techniques to explore the main character and the opening scene of the story.  They then used iPads to film their drama and share this with the class. Later in the week, we linked this to our writing, using the text as a model for our own ‘Iron Man’ story openings. The children absolutely loved innovating it with their own choice of high quality language, including some similes.

In Maths, we have been consolidating the analogue/digital time objectives for Year 3. We have now  started to look at the 24 hour clock and will be continuing with calendar work next week. The children have also been working on their times tables rapid responses using Times Tables Rock Stars. Please encourage your child to log in to this resource daily for a sensible amount of time, and to use the Garage activity which is specifically designed to target the questions that they need most help with. Pupils can select activities which last between 1 and 3 minutes.

In Computing, we have been working on coding and writing programmes using the site The children have enjoyed using the Minecraft, Moana and other incredibly child-friendly activities found in ‘The Hour of Code’ section. We recommend this, and the BBC Dance Mat touch typing course as useful on-line activities which will help the children to develop their skills in this subject.


Reading, Spellings as usual.

Times Tables Revision (please also ask your child the related division facts)

Telling the time: Please ask your child to read the time to you, using an analogue clock face (without Roman Numerals, for now), covering minutes past and to.

We wish you a lovely week-end. See you next week.

S. Field and C. Jenkins


Investigating Tessellation for Maths Week


The Kingfishers have had lots of fun with Grid Gremlins, Countdown, 2 D shape and other maths based activities – even in PE!

We hope you will enjoy investigating maths around your home. Please take some photos to share with us next week.


Spellings and Times Tables

We are moving from the 4 times table to the 8 times table – using the children’s existing knowledge of the 4 times table to support with the 8’s. E.g.  4,     8,    12,    16    etc

SPAG Book pgs 8 -9

Outdoor Learning

We will be doing a Stone Age Outdoor Learning activity next week. Your child will need to have some warm clothes, hat, gloves, waterproofs and wellies in school next Thursday. The clothes will need to stay in school until Friday home time.

We hope you enjoy the week end.

C Jenkins and S Field

Friday, 6th October 2017


Dear Parents,

The children have been making great strides with their learning over the last few weeks and truly enjoying our Stone Age topic.  The display pictured above is the pupils’ very own cave complete with cave drawings of Stone Age animals.

It has been great to see the children making serious progress with key skills such as column addition, spelling, punctuation and grammar and the use of descriptive language in story writing.

We are currently looking at instruction texts, such as recipes, ‘how to’ guides etc. If you are able to share any of these texts with your child in the next few days, please take some time to look at the choice of language that it used. E.g. the importance of special verbs and prepositions. This will help us with our writing up until half term.

Lastly, thanks for your contributions to today’s Harvest Festival Assembly and thanks to those of you who were also able to attend. All the children recited the poem clearly, loudly and with expression. They made us very proud!|


Spellings, Reading


Times Tables:  4 times table. TIPs remember the units pattern 4,8,2,6,0  and don’t forget to double the 2x table answer if stuck on a question. ALSO remember to try division questions such as 40 divided by 4 etc

Abacus on line games: I will try to allocate these from home, but they may not be available over the week-end. The expectation is that they will be played at least once each. Thanks.

Have a good week-end. We will see you next week.

Claire Jenkins and Shelley Field